The Cultural Center and the Millennium Tower of Nigeria, which together with the National Square, make up a single unit, are an eloquent witness to the quality of the great development of the City of Abuja, which from 1991 has been the new capital of Nigeria.
The projected complex extends over two adjoining lots in the cultural, religious and administrative heart of the city. It is set in a dominant urban site, at the intersection of the central axis of the new metropolis, designed by Kenzo Tange, and the cult axis that unites the Catholic Cathedral and the Great Mosque.

The site alongside the Great Mosque takes in the Cultural Center and a Botanical Garden where, among other things, the Museum of Nigerian Art and the scientific discovery of Nature are blent harmoniously. It will be the venue of the cultural identity of Nigeria designed to foster meetings, studies and relaxation.

On the lot adjacent to the Great Mosque we find the Millenium Tower, a ‘lighthouse tower’ of 170 metres high which dominates ‘National Square’ rising above an underground parking lot with places for 1100 cars. The Millenium Tower grows from the ground, like a flower surrounded by transparent wings on which is stamped the luminous symbol of the Nation that is visible also by day and is crowned with white and green laser rays. National Square is bound of its East side by the Cultural Center and it is expected to be completed on the South side by the Municipal Building that will house the administration of the Capital City.

An underground Commercial Arcade for shops, bars and services links the Cultural Center and the Millenium Tower which are separated by a road carrying heavy city traffic.

The projected Complex draws its inspiration from the important elements in the Nigerian cultural tradition and especially from the Yoruba Tradition: the Shrines and the Monumental Artworks which dotted the Nigerian forests like those in the Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove; the “Afin” Enclave that was the political and holy Center within the traditional towns of Nigeria.