The National Children’s Park and Zoo lies in the highbrow Asokoro District of Abuja, behind the Presidential Villa.
One should not expect too much here as there are no more than a dozen types of animals at the zoo. Visitors can see African animals such as cheetah, giraffe, ostrich, zebra and lion (now extinct in Nigeria’s national parks), and there are also domestic animals like camels, donkeys and chickens. The park also has a large playground for kids and a lake.
The Lake Cafe is also close by should you require a hot snack or a freshly made milkshake. It is opened daily from 9 am to 6 pm. Admission to this park requires some fee.  Fun activities for kids makes this Abuja Park an ideal place to while away an afternoon or enjoy a picnic.
For lack of tourist attractions in Abuja, one will have to do with what’s available, such as the National Children’s Park and Zoo. One should not expect too much however as there are no more than a dozen types of animals (or maybe two) at the zoo. And worse, they are unkempt. The areas where are the monkeys are stink… and the animals look miserable and unhappy. To have a zoo, I believe one does not have to keep exotic animals…. ordinary animals will do where children can have a close look. Anyway, we were allowed to feed some of the monkeys with veggies and corn provided by one of the attendants. It meant touching some of them, and later, at the children’s playground, also touching the swing… which meant we needed to wash our hands. There was a tap at the entrance… but we were told there was no water and we should use the water in one of the drums. We passed.