Beauty, fashion and lifestyle shopping fairs are becoming a major trade mark in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Usually held in spacious parks, a large number of businesses come together, rent stalls and display their goods for window shoppers and ‘shopaholics;’ for networking and discovering what’s new, who does what and where.

Designer’s Market Place is a monthly event at the City Park in Abuja, where buyers and sellers converge.

The idea was borne out of a desire to give small and medium scale business owners a platform from where they can grow their businesses by reaching their target audience.

The first edition was launched in May 2011 and so far, the organizers have churned out over 11 market events with the largest turnout being their 1stof October Extra-Fair-Ganza in 2011.

Wanger Ayu, the CEO of DMP, tells us that the largest number of participating businesses they have ever had is 70.

The event serves several purposes among which is getting to know the latest trends in fashion, shops and drawing attention to the little tapped human resources and young talents in hand crafted businesses which can be harnessed towards national development.

In this regard, Ayu hopes to see the growth and development of small and medium scale businesses in Nigeria through government and private sector support and encouragement, as these contribute immensely to the economy and are employers of labor.