city_gate_in_Abuja-AbujaThe I Love Abuja website is dedicated to the beautiful city of Abuja and Abujans (Abujites) and naturalised Abujans (naturalised Abujites) it’s a great site for staying in touch and showcasing the pride we have for our great city to the world.

Our Mission is promoting Abuja culture and heritage, celebrating diversity of our city and creating a sense of pride and belonging to this great city endowed with a rich tapestry of culture and resources.


Abuja is a modern cosmopolitan city of over ________ million people, the confluence of Nigeria – a city where north meets south and east meets west. The capital of Nigeria Nigeria and the political nerve centre of Nigeria. Abuja offers everything that a traveler or resident could possibly be looking for: varied culture, colourful lifestyle, exotic hotels, compassionate and lively people, leisure, sports, extreme activities and delectable, continental, local and street cuisine…..and so much more, No matter where you are in Abuja there’s never a dull moment. There’s always an opportunity to relax, and to absorb the Abujan atmosphere in all six (yes six!) of your senses. Abuja is full of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feelings and experiences that every traveller and resident should enjoy. The city is quiet, exciting, captivating, highly political and full of places to explore, relax, wine, dine and have fun.

We are committed to building a community and sense of civic pride amongst all that have been touched by the magic of our city!


We invite you to share your favourite places and spaces in Abuja – enjoy giveaways and receive great deals on the best things to see, eat and experience in Abuja.

The I Love Abuja initiative was conceptualised a couple of years ago. We are Nigerians, born and raised from all parts of Nigeria and have fallen in love with the city. We have a lot of fun posting just about anything Abuja on here, and we invite you to do the same.

So Welcome to the I Love Abuja website – we are mighty proud that you paid us a visit! God Bless Abuja